Apple New iPhone 12 and Apple Watch Launch Date Confirmed

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Apple New iPhone 12 and Apple Watch Launch Date Confirmed

iPhone 12 and new Apple Watch on 8 September, Apple can launch silicon-based MacBook lineup and new iPad on 27 October
Apple New iPhone 12 and Apple Watch Launch Date Confirmed

At the WWDC 2020 in June, the company announced that the in-house processor would be given throughout the MacBook lineup.Wireless charging pad Apple Airpower can be introduced in the September event, its launch was canceled in March 2019.

After the iPhone 11, now people are very keen on the iPhone 12. Tipster revealed on Twitter that the company will launch the iPhone 12 at the event on 8 September. According to Tipster, the company plans to launch a few other products, including its 5G iPhone model, the new Apple Watch, through an online event. Apart from this, 

Tipster also informed that the next event will be on October 27, in which the MacBook models equipped with iPad Pro and in-house processor 'Silicon' will be introduced. At the moment it has not been confirmed whether the event will be online or organically organized.

Airpower wireless charging pad can also debut

Tipster iHacktu Pro tweeted that, Apple has two special events for September and October. At the event on 8 September, the company will launch its most awaited new 5G iPhone 12 model (it can be named something else at the time of launching), as well as the new Apple Watch. Tipster said that the event will also feature Apple Airpower (which is a wireless charging pad), which was launched in March last year.

Apart from this, the company may also announce a new iPad, as of now it has not been confirmed which iPad it will be. However, several reports have said that Apple will launch a new iPad Pro at the October 27 event, which is probably the 5G iPad Pro, which was earlier postponed until 2021.

The entire MacBook lineup will come with an in-house processor

Tipster claims that Apple will also introduce its in-house development silicon processor with the new MacBook and MacBook Pro 13 inches. At WWDC 2020 in June, the company announced that it would equip its entire MacBook lineup with in-house processors, meaning it would now discontinue using Intel CPUs as before, which have been in place for years.

Apple Glass can also be launched, will be based on mixed reality

Tipster claims that the Cupertino-based company can also present its Apple Glass at the October event. According to a leak in May, Apple Glass's design and features were revealed and also mentioned that it would cost $ 499 (about Rs 37,300).


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